Associate Principal
34 Years
Peter Alto

A graduate of the University of Oregon, Peter Alto has more than three decades of architectural experience. Peter manages the majority of Mackenzie's federal work, as well as serves as the firm's primary architect for commercial building renovation and tenant improvement work. He has also served as project manager/project architect for a number of high tech, manufacturing, and correctional and public safety projects. Peter provides peer review and QA/QC services across a range of project types.

"Great design is the synthesis of form and function in a product that inspires imagination."

Featured Projects
Coffee Bean InternationalVancouver Police West PrecinctRiverEast CenterKOIN Tower LobbyConcordia University Student HousingLam Research (formerly Novellus Systems)The 100 at Park Square Oregon State University Student Legacy ParkThe Shops North at the Old MillGreenField Health Clinic at BarnesVA West Community-Based Outpatient ClinicMachineWorksOrvisVA Downtown Community Resource and Referral CenterEmpire MallSalem Clinic