Principal of Design

Portland, Oregon

We appreciate your interest in Mackenzie! We are seeking candidates Principal of Design. Responsibilities in this position will include functioning as a Principal of Design in Portland, where you will be based, as well as leading design efforts (as required by the parameters of the projects) in conjunction with staff in all Mackenzie offices. Specific responsibilities in the job description will include the following:
• Leading performance driven-design firm-wide, across offices and all disciplines and extending to our out-of-house consultant partners.
• Lead and collaborate with others in developing training and mentorship programs with emphasis on design.
• Lead and collaborate with others to create an efficient and effective design process that engages multiple staff and disciplines.
• Creating and promoting an environment that encourages the exploration of ideas within the cultural parameters of the firm and the needs of the client.
• Engage as a contributor to design leadership, business unit planning and corporate strategic planning.
• Engaging community, regional and national networking opportunities.
• Contribute to and facilitate the effective and consistent use of design and graphic standards to establish and reinforce the Mackenzie brand on all design material that leaves the office in all forms. Collaborating with Project Managers/Business Unit Leaders to deliver design solutions grounded in the details that deliver design excellence.
• Collaborating with Project Managers/Business Unit Leaders to assess project and client design needs, staffing, budgeting, project schedules and to establish effective communications.
• Leading and/or participating with firm leaders and Business Unit leaders in maintaining current and developing new business and marketing strategies, primarily in public, institutional, commercial, mixed use, retail, and urban design market areas. Collaborate with and mentor staff with an emphasis on, and in alignment with: client/project criteria; construction and professional fee budgets; overall constructability; and consistency with Mackenzie’s brand.
• Responsible to proactively act as an advocate for design throughout the life of a project.