Mackenzie Hosts PBA Green Hour



Mackenzie lobby during PBA Green Hour
Attendees gather in the Mackenzie lobby for the PBA Green Hour event.

As a member of the Portland Business Alliance, Mackenzie was pleased to host the Green Hour networking event in our main lobby at the RiverEast Center. Through some coordination and hard work from members of our staff, the Mackenzie lobby was transformed into a cool place to hang out. Attendees included representation from a variety of folks, such as business owners and executives from educational institutions and non-profit organizations, as well as numerous individuals from both large and small firms interested in growing their business contacts.

A short program featuring Mackenzie's approach to sustainability from a social, economic, and environmental context was discussed. We heard from many there that it was an enjoyable event (as was evident by the many guests who lingered well past the event's ending!). Our appreciation and thanks go out to the well-coordinated staff at the Portland Business Alliance who made the Green Hour a seamless and smooth event.